Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

July, 2008

We visited Lassen Volcanic National Park in northern California.  We hiked into "Bumpass Hell", a land of billowing and roaring fumaroles, big bubbling mudpots, boiling water, and the smell of hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs) in the air.

Lassen --Bumpass Hell

We were often quite close to the wildfires in California.

California Wildfires

When we encountered a mother deer with her fawn, the fawn lay down in the woods while the mother went on.


We hiked into a lot of the lava tubes in Lava Beds National Monument (note the spiffy yellow hardhat that Jim's wearing).

Lava Beds NM

In Junction City, we bought new tires for the motorhome.

New Tires

The hillsides in John Day Fossil Beds made for a colorful drive.

John Day Fossil Bed

We spent about a week cleaning up our Desert Aire lot.

Desert Aire Lot

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