Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

July, 2017

We made our way back to Canada.
Our first destination was Toronto.  We really liked the city.  It's very pretty.

Next stop was Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.  We were there for July 4th.
Niagara Falls

We decided to go back to our original schedule and head east to the Gaspe Peninsula.  However, Jim couldn't face driving back through the Toronto traffic so we crossed back into the US.  We stayed a couple of days in Bar Harbor, Maine touring Acadia National Park.
Acadia National Park

 From Maine, we again crossed into Canada.

We stayed at a really pretty waterfront campground in Dalhousie, New Brunswick.
Dalhousie, NB

On to Perce, Quebec to see Perce Rock.  Our campground sat high above the rock.
Perce Rock

The roads around the Gaspe Peninsula were scenic but they were winding with some really steep grades.
Gaspe Peninsula

Montreal was celebrating its 375th birthday with lots of street festivals.  We stumbled across four of them on Saturday and then again on Sunday.
Montreal Festivals

Our last stop this month was Ottawa.
We got to see the Changing of the Guards on Parliament Hill.

 Ottawa, changing of the guards

We were lucky enough to be in Ottawa when "Le Machine" was there -- two enormous mechanical creatures from La Machine – a fire and smoke-breathing dragon called Long-Ma, as well as a water-spraying spider called Kumo.  Wow!
Le Machine

We went to the Canadian Museum of Nature to see their dinosaur collection.
Canadian Museum of Nature

Some of the "Good Eats" we enjoyed in Canada -- Chinese dumplings, smoked meat sandwich, and poutine.
Dumplings, Smoked Meat, Poutine

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