Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

June, 2010

Still reeling from the loss of Puppet, we finally left Indio.  Before leaving, we had to put the lot away for the summer and wash the coach.

Jim washing coach

Our first stop was just north of us in Wrightwood, CA where I played in a pickleball tournament.

My woman's doubles partner, Linde, and I won a Gold Medal in our Skill Level.

    My Mixed Doubles partner, John, and I won several matches but did not win a medal.

Wrightwood Mixed Doubles

    The only place to stay in Wrightwood was in a lady's backyard which was really hard to get into.  Coming out of it, we damaged the rear end and rear door.  Jim has fiberglass work to do now!

Coach Damage

We had planned to visit a couple of people on our way north but they were busy.  So, we traveled directly to Sequim, WA where Jim is being sponsored to become an Elk.

Sequim Elks

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