Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

October, 2017

We fished on the Columbia.

The new truck sits too high to see the boat trailer when backing it without the boat.  Jim added some flags to the sides so that he could tell where the trailer was.
Boat trailer

Jim wrestling the boat onto the trailer.


We have seen the herd of elk on the river bank in prior years, but this is the first time that we've seen a bull elk.  There was also a bald eagle keeping an eye on everything.
Bull Elk and Eagle

We had a lot of trouble with the big motor on the boat. -- bad relay, bad batteries (including the pair of new ones we bought to replace the old ones), and the starting motor.  All were challenges; Jim conquered them all.  Jim's bought a "lower unit" to recondition this winter to replace ours which has some wear issues.
Broken boat

 This was a bad day on the river for two people.  The jet boat is stuck, high and dry, on a gravel bar.  The sheriff's department had to rescue a couple after they tried to cross a small waterway on a spit of land and their truck got stuck, with the river rising.  The boat got off once the river was high enough; the truck got removed once the river was lowered (there's a dam just upstream that controls the river level).
Bad river day

We made a quick trip to see my Mom.
Jim and Mom

Driving back to Richland, the TV antenna broke off.  Jim installed a new one.
Jim antenna

We visited with friends Scott and Joan and then headed to Vancouver.

We got to spend time with Robin and Sharyl.
Robin, Gayle, Jim, Sharyl, Maya

We spent an evening with Jim's older daughter, Michelle, and her family.
Jack, Michelle, Jim,John, Maddox

We made it to Indio in time to attend Monday Night Football.
Monday Night Football

The next night, we went to the resort's Halloween party.  A great way to start the new season.

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