Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

November, 2017

November was a busy month as we settled in for the winter.  Lots of doctor appointments and fun activities.

Karen and Gordon started our month with a wonderful shrimp boil.  Good friends and good food.
Shrimp boil

The resort held its annual Welcome Back Fiesta.  The weather was splendid.
Welcome Back Fiesta

Every Monday, one of the RV dealers sponsors Monday Night Football.  Another put on a happy hour party.
Marathon party

We went to see "The Abba Show" at the local casino.  We have been to other really good Abba tribute performances, but this one, performed by Russians with English a second language, was really bad.  We didn't last long.

We went to the clubhouse for a really nice Thanksgiving Day potluck.
Libby, Linda, Eldon, Jim, Gayle, Gordon, Karen

I painted some turkey rocks for our table.
Painted turkey rocks

Our big shade tree had a hard summer, with lots of it dying.  We had it trimmed back to try to save it.

I'm playing pickleball, Mah-jong, golf, and taking line dancing classes.  Jim is trying to get on a schedule to do water aerobics but his board member work keeps getting in his way (or at least that's his excuse).

Max had to have major dental work this month, resulting in several teeth being pulled.  He came through it fine.

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