Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

February, 2017

February was a busy month.
Friend and pickleball coach, Pat, and her wife Sheila were in town so I had them over for dinner along with friends Libby and Mike.

Sheila, Pat, Mike, Libby, Gayle

We went to a party hosted by the "Tuscan Trio", three guys from the resort who spent three weeks in Tuscany, Italy this past summer.  The party included the unveiling of the sculptures they made while there.
Tom, PJ, Neil

The Super Bowl golf cart tailgating party and follow-on game watching was very disappointing this year.  The activity was not well organized/planned so attendance was way down.
Super Bowl

Friend, Linda, had friends over to her place for dinner to celebrate my 65th! birthday.
Gloria, KAren, Gordon, Eldon, Linda, Jim, Gayle

Saw the BeeGees tribute band at the local casino.  As always, they gave a great concert.

Our friend, Karen, always celebrates her birthday by going to Yuma and Algodones, Mexico.  This year we joined the fun.
Eldone, Karen, Gordon, Jim, Gayle, Linda

We went to see Gino Vannelli at the local casino.  He was awful!  We lasted less than 3 songs.

Gino Vannelli

Our wall was finally approved by the city!  After jumping through a lot of hoops (by us and by the resort as a whole), the city finally approved our wall.  The final hoop to be jumped was the contractor had to cut several holes in the wall so that the city could inspect it.

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