Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

March, 2016

The big project for this month was the installation of a shade structure at the back of the lot.  It will provide nice shade now that it is getting warmer, but more importantly, next season, it will be a covered area where we can have friends over in the evenings and, with heaters, keep warm.

It was educational watching the pergola being built (it was too big of a job for Jim to tackle, so we contracted it to be built).  The footings had to be 56 cubic inches.  Rather than destroy our new cement, the cement contractors drilled a 6 inch hole and then used a shop vacuum to hollow out the footings to the correct dimensions.  Who would have thought to do that?

After the footings were dug, the iron posts were cemented in place and then the concrete blocks were put around the posts.  The "alumawood" top was then built.  Finally, the stucco was put on the posts.  Jim is now waiting for that to cure before he paints it.

Pergola construction


Jim has been busy, busy, busy!  I can't keep up with everything he's done this month!  Besides designing and supervising the construction of the pergola, he hung shades on the west side to block the sun.  He acid washed the bricks in our front circular drive to try to remove the white residue on them.  We were given two box propane heaters that he is refurbishing.  He's done a lot of tile work on the lot.  He's also had to fix the patio furniture on the old lot.  And as if that wasn't enough, he's volunteered to serve on the Architectural Committee for the resort that approves all changes made to lots in the resort.


We went to a couple of resort events -- a block party, the end of the season resort party, and a couple of ice cream socials.

There is a major tennis tournament in the area every year.  A friend gave me a general admission ticket for one afternoon.  With general admission, late in the tournament, all you get to do is sit in a lawn chair and watch the action on a big screen.  I lasted about 30 minutes before I was bored.  But I did learn several things about going to the tournament so next year, I will try to go on one of the first two days when admission is free and you can watch live action (though none of the superstars live Serena Williams).

I hosted an Easter dinner.

Mike, Janet, Nancy, Gayle, Jim, Libby, Mike

I continue to do my knee exercises and water aerobics, play a limited amount of easy pickleball, and play cards and majong (what a life!).  Jim has been so busy that he hasn't gone to water aerobics this month.  Jim hasn't even had time to take Max to his weekly small dog play day but Jim does give him his daily golf cart ride.

And finally, I've made the decision to get a partial knee replacement.  The surgery is scheduled for May 4.

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