Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

June, 2016

I had my one month checkup for my knee.  Here is its x-ray.
SGM Left Knee

I continue to struggle with the after-effects of the surgery.  After over 6 weeks, I am only now beginning to feel better.  There are still a lot of days when I still feel lousy.  Also, my hips are killing me.  This is severely impacting my knee rehab as the PT has had to start concentrating on my hips rather than my knee because I am in agony with the unceasing discomfort in my hips.

While I recuperate, Jim continues his unending work on the lot.  He is enjoying himself and it gives him something to do while I am recovering.
He rebuilt and repainted the two storage boxes on the lot.
Storage box

Storage Box

He finished repainting the shade structures above our kitchen counter.

He rebuilt a court washer to make it easier and take less water to wash our lot.

He rebuilt three ceiling fans and hung them in the pergola.

I wanted a new faucet for the outside sink because the old one didn't have a sprayer.  I found a brand new one on Craigslist.  I liked it better than the one we had inside, so Jim replaced the inside one with the faucet I bought and replaced the outside one with the old inside faucet.

We bought an electric sunscreen to be installed along the back of our pergola to help keep the wind out during winter evenings.

We had covers made to protect the pedestals and counter during the summer.  Jim put too much effort into rehabilitating them to leave them unprotected during the hot summer when we aren't here.

The stove in the clubhouse caught fire.  The fire damage was minor but the water damage from the automatic sprinklers is huge.

It has been HOT here with temperatures in the triple digits for most of the month.  In order to do all of the work on the lot, Jim was getting up early to work before the temperatures were unbearable (though many days, he worked from about 7am to 4pm).

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