Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

May, 2015

The focus this month was on the new lot.  We hired a worker to help move all of our stuff (it's amazing what one can accumulate on a small RV lot).  I forgot to take pictures of moving day, but this one gives you an idea of the chaos (including the demolished firepit).
Lot Stuff

Jim's spending a lot of time rewiring the entire lot.
Jim wiring

Although I couldn't do too much, I did help where I could.  I cleaned out the horrible white caulk that had been used to hold rope lighting in place.

This is the lot prior to redoing the back of it.  The front is in good condition.

We had an olive tree removed from the back of our lot because it was blocking our view.  Jim later sawed off the big branch on the other tree that was dropping leaves on the lot.

And two big rocks were moved in anticipation of putting pavers in the area to reduce the amount of water blowing onto the lot.

The back of the lot had so many torn up places that we finally opted to have the back piece jack hammered up and new concrete and pavers installed.  This is the beginning of the destruction.
Lot destruction

My knee still is not doing well.  This month they put me in an "unloader" brace to try to take some of the pressure off of the bones to allow them to heal.  I'm to wear that until we get back here in November.  Hopefully by then the knee will have strengthened and the bones healed.
Unloader brace

Forty people got together for a Memorial Day BBQ at the clubhouse.
Memorial Day BBQ

Our neighbor's husband spent about a month in the hospital.  She spent the entire time there with him.  I took care of their Sphinx cat (not really a proper cat!).

Mother nature gave us unusual beauty this month.
Beautiful cactus flowers.

and a hummingbird raising her two babies on the edge of our lot.

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