Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

March, 2015

We had to return to Colton for another week.  The new radiator leaked worse than the old radiator.  There were major construction flaws in the new radiator.  The tubes had not been adequately soldiered in place and the gasket had been squished out of place.  It took them two more tries to get a "good" radiator.  At least, we hope it is good.
Radiator flaws

While we were there, Jim had the tag axle air bags replaced along with the rear shock absorbers (he had the front shock absorbers replaced the first time we were there).  He also had the dash air air compressor replaced.
Air Bags

Mostly we sat around waiting for the new radiator.

Prior to spending the end of the month at Colton, I had friends over for dinner.
Libby, Pat, Shiela, Jim, Mike

We also went to friends for three other dinners and had friends over for another dinner.

We went to the resort's "Spring Fling" party.
Spring Fling

and to the end of the season "Trailer Trash" party.
Lia, Gayle, Jim

Two of our neighbors hosted a big party at the clubhouse.
Linda Gloria Party

  March involved a lot of eating!

We saw Rita Rudner at a local casino.  It was two hours of laughter.
Rita Rudner

Jim made new drawers for under the dinette benches, more than doubling the storage space there (Max helped whenever he could).
New drawer

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