Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

June, 2015

The concrete work on the back of the lot was extensive.  It was very interesting watching the exposed aggregate being put in.
Concrete work

We are very pleased with the completed work.

We saw Jim Curry as John Denver again this month.  He puts on a terrific concert.
Jim Curry

I had a small get together for Chris Thomas, the major force in pickleball in the desert.  I have played with him since I started playing pickleball.  He is moving to Florida.  I will miss him.
Margo, Stef, Chris, Gayle

With Max's help, Jim got our lot closed up so that we could head north.
Jim and Max

We had barely gotten out of the driveway when Jim noticed that we had a water leak.  He quickly jury-rigged a fix and we were on our way.  We had a couple of other minor issues but nothing serious.
Water leak

Jim has all of his driving and navigation aids working.

Our first destination was visiting Steve and Linda in Sunriver.  They invited friends Tom and Pat for dinner one evening.
Tom, Jim, Linda, Pat, Steve

We were able to get together one evening with friends Sharyl and Robin in Vancouver.
Robin, Jim, Sharyl

We got together with Jim's daughters and their families.
Jack, Bri, Ginger, Jim, Michelle, Maddox, Cash, Bentley

Max is keeping track of us.

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