Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

September, 2014

It's September so we are king salmon fishing on the Columbia River.   Although it is not the record run that was predicted, it is still a very strong run.  We are catching lots of salmon and having lots of fun.



With lots of fish, unfortunately, comes lots of boats.

We've had a couple of problems with the boats.  It took on water one day.  Jim found a broken valve that was letting water in.  Another day, the autopilot broke.  A pin had sheered off.  Again, Jim was able to fix it.

Before fishing, we had to clean the lot up.  There weren't as many tumbleweeds as last year, but there was still a fair number of them.

Max started biting at his back.  We worried that he might have another ruptured disk happening.  We took him up to the Veterinary School at Washington State University where he had his back surgery last year.  They ran a number of tests on him but without putting him under an anesthetic and doing an expensive MRI, they did not find anything.  Their recommendation was to just continue watching him and minimizing his jumping.
Jim and Max

The apple harvest is underway where we are staying while fishing.  With so many free apples available, in addition to making desserts, I tried drying them using my Mom's food dehydrator.  The result was quite tasty, but a lot of work.

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