Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

August, 2014

Jim and I finally left Indio on July 28th.  Our first destination was Sunriver, OR to visit Steve and Linda.  Charles and Norma were also there.  We had a great visit.  Of course, we ate (Steve's a great cook), but we also went on a dog walk with Max, Summer, Cleo, and Roman and we did a road trip.
Steve, Gayle, Jim, Linda/Summer, Brent, Norma, Charles, "Kirsten"

Leaving Sunriver, we went to Vancouver to visit with Robin and Sharyl.
Jim, Robin, Sharyl

Max with Robin and Sharyl's cat, Maya.
Maya and Max

We also got a chance to see Jim's daughters and their families.
Ginger, Drew, Maddox, Cash, Jack, Michelle, Bentley, Bri, John

Our next stop was my Mom's where we spent a week visiting and doing yard work.
Mom with Mikey

We had a nice visit with Bob and Patty.  They will come over to Desert Aire while we are there fishing.
Bob, Patty, Jim

I got my permanent cosmetics redone.  I look like a cheap hooker a couple of days after.  Unfortunately, most of the lip color has now sloughed off.
Permanent cosmetics

Shortly after we left my Mom's, her precious little 14 year old Yorkie died.  Recognizing how upset my Mom was, my sister, Lynne, flew in from Denver to be with her a few days.

 Unlike us, Lynne stayed at Mom's house.  She discovered that Mom was a victim of the worst flea season in Seattle's history.  Mom's house and animals had been infested.  Lynne organized and planned, the "Great Flea Project".  We returned to Seattle to help her.  We cleaned the entire house, washed all bedding and animals, moved things off the floors and away from walls, and had a pest control company come in.  And then we had to put everything back.  Although the situation is not resolved, I think Lynne has managed to get it to the point that with diligence, Mom will be able to completely eliminate the fleas.

The day the pest control company sprayed the house, all animals and people had to be out of the house for 8 hours.  We camped in my Mom's neighbor's backyard.
Flea project

Jim began and ended our month on the roof of the motorhome.  In Reno, our front air conditioner stopped working.  Jim diagnosed the issue as a bad run capacitor which he was able to replace.  While keeping away from all of the action occuring at my Mom's, he replaced the TV antenna with one that wouldn't rattle around on the roof while we were driving.
A/C & antenna

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