Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

October, 2013

October is FISHING!   It was a fun season.  We caught 61 adult Fall Chinook (King) Salmon.
Gayle Fish

Jim Fish

Fish ON!
Gayle Fish

Early morning launch.

For the first time since we have been fishing on the Columbia River, we saw elk on the shore.  What a sight!

Jim had to work on the big motor (a gasket had gone bad).  He is so talented!

After living its entire life outdoors, this year Jim rented indoor storage for the boat.  He found that he was worrying too much about it when we were gone plus putting on and taking off the tarps was getting to be too much.  The boat should be happy this winter!

When not fishing, Jim continued building cabinets.  These are the drawers he made for the bedroom cabinet.

His old Craftsman radial arm saw started making unhealthy noises.  He was able to buy a used but newer DeWalt radial arm saw to replace it.

I made a lot of apple desserts and two batches of apple butter.
Gayle cooking

Max helped Jim with his cabinet building.

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