Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

June, 2013

This month again focused almost exclusively on our "new" Foretravel.  We are having to take care of 10 years of previous owner neglect plus make modifications to make it fit our needs.

Jim mounted the new level gauges and tire pressure sensor readout in the dash, getting rid of the old back-up camera monitor (which he replaced with a new monitor mounted under the TV).

Level gauges

The full-width bay had a cargo tray already in it but Jim added another cargo tray to the half-width bay.
New cargo tray

There are a lot of leaks in the air system for this coach.  Jim finally traced the major leak to the desiccant container associated with the auxillary container.  For now, he has removed it and has added replacing it to his "to-do list".

Not to be outdone, I spent a day removing a protective plastic under the front door that had split and looked really bad.

Front step

The replacement flat screen TV had not been installed very well.  Even as short as I am, I was always hitting my head on it.  Jim decided to redo it .


We did make a quick trip to Mississippi to see Jim's family.  We only made it about 3 miles when suddenly we had no power.  On pulling over, Jim found diesel pouring out the back of the engine.  Further inspection showed that the diesel fuel water separator had failed in the open position causing diesel to gush out.  Jim was able to, for now, bypass this, though replacing it is another thing on his to-do list.

Fuel water separator

We enjoyed the visit to Mississippi.  We visited with Jim's Mother, his sister and her husband, and his niece and her husband.  It was a good to see everybody.
Beth, Bess, John, Joe, Jim, Yvonne

We also made a quick trip to Louisiana to visit one of our good friends, Barbara, whose husband, George, died suddenly a couple of years ago.  It was good to see her.

We ate a LOT of good food on both visits!

The roof on the motorhome has not been taken care of.  Consquently, white "stuff" runs down the side of the coach which then looks really bad.  Because of this, we added painting the roof to our list of jobs that needed to be done before we could leave Nacogdoches.

Max found a "hidey-hole" when we were in the Customer Lounge waiting for work to be done at Foretravel.


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