Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

September, 2012

We spent the first part of the month with our friends, Scott and Joan, in Richland.

Scott and Jim enjoyed shooting their BB guns (rifles) and pellet pistols.  A favorite target was Necco Wafer candies as they would shatter and you could tell that you hit them.  I forgot to take a picture of Jim shooting so asked him to pose.  Sometimes I wonder about him...

Jim BB and Pellet Guns

Joan and I did a lot of beading.  I hadn't beaded since we were here last year.  I learned a new stitch -- St. Petersburg chain stitch.  I made a short choker and have almost finished a regular necklace.


We are now salmon fishing on the Columbia River.  So far, we are doing quite well.

Jim salmon

Gayle salmon

There are over 100 fires in Washington and more in Oregon.  The smoke is really bad east of the Cascade Mountains (where we are).  It makes for sore eyes, noses, and lungs.  Not a good situation.


When not fishing, we've had a lot of chores to do around the motorhome and on the lot.  This included painting the trim on our storage shed.

Jim painting

Max is fairly relaxed about everything.


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