Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

October, 2012

We spent most of October salmon fishing.  It was a great season -- wonderful weather and lots of fish.  We caught 44 adult salmon and numerous jacks (immature salmon that have come upriver too early in their life cycle) that we threw back.

Jim salmon

Gayle salmon

We were worried about getting enough salmon eggs to fish with next year, but the guides finally started catching females and gave us a bunch.  Here are some of them drying after having salmon cure put on them.

Salmon eggs

When we are in Desert Aire, we can only pick up ABC with our coach TV antenna.  Jim ordered a big antenna to put on the roof of the shed.  It took him forever to get it to work but once he did, we could also pick up CBS and FOX.


This year there were an amazing number of blue herons on the shores of the Columbia River.

Blue herons

Although it was a little cold, Jim and Scott got in some shooting when we returned to Richland.

Jim and Scott

An uncomfortable pillow...


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