Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

February, 2012

We went to two productions at the McCallum Theater this month.  One, South Pacific, was excellent.  I remember seeing it and listening to my Mom play the record when I was young.  The second performance, Judy Collins, was not good.  We saw her in concert many years ago and enjoyed her.  This concert, however, was a lot of talk and little singing.

South Pacific

Like last year, the resort held a golf cart tailgating party followed by a chili cookoff for Super Bowl Sunday.  It was fun.

Super Bowl

I hit the big 60!! this year.  My neighbors organized a birthday party, designing a cake with my two favorite activities -- pickleball and fishing.


I participated in a lot of pickleball activities this month including a Japanese student exchange with the local college.  Like last year, the kids had been sitting all day and were happy to expend some of their cooped up energy.

Japanese Exchange

I particpated in two pickleball tournaments.  At Sky Valley, I won a bronze medal with my partner, Bernie.

Sky Valley

Although Libby and I didn't medal at Palm Desert (we came in fourth) I really enjoyed playing with her.

Palm Desert

Jim continues to draw.  This is a rose that he drew.  Pretty awesome.


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