Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

April, 2012

My college roomate, Carol, and her husband Duane, were in the desert for a couple of days.  Duane only was able to come over one evening, but the next day, Carol, Jim, and I went to the mud volcanoes and to Salvation Mountain.  It was a very nice visit.


I wanted to dye Easter eggs this year.  I cooked three dozen eggs and invited my neighbor, Mary Ellen, to come over.  Her cousin was visiting so he also came.  We all felt that in the "olden days" the dye colors were much more vibrant.  But, I still enjoyed coloring the eggs.

Easter eggs

Once again, instead of going to the clubhouse for Easter brunch, I had friends over for dinner.  Everyone brought a potluck dish so it wasn't any work.  It was a nice evening.

Easter dinner

I flew up to Seattle to visit my Mom.  She is doing well and is starting to regain some of the weight she has lost.  It was good to see her doing so well and in such good spirits..


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