Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

September, 2011

I played pickleball in the Port Angeles Senior Games.  I had the opportunity to play with Paul again (I played with him last year; on my left).  He is the best player that I have ever partnered with.  We won a bronze medal.

PA PB Bronze

My woman's doubles partner was Caryn from Spokane, also a very good player.  We won a silver.

PA PB Silver

After the tournament, we returned to Richland, staying with Scott and Joan while we got ready to salmon fish.  Jim bought a pair of radio controlled indoor helicopters that he has been wanting.


 I got stung (twice) by a yellow jacket.  It itched like crazy for over a week.


We are now salmon fishing until the end of October.  These were our first fish of the season.

Jim Fish

Gayle Fish

After fishing, we take Max to a local park where he loves to run.

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