Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

March, 2010

The resort had our second annual "Sunshine" Cancer fund raiser.  We raised $18,500 for the American and Canadian Cancer Societies.  One of the events was pickleball.

Sunshine Pickleball

I played in two tournaments this month.  The first tournament was in Casa Grande, AZ.  Five coaches; seven players traveled there from our resort.  I played in both Women's Doubles and Mixed Doubles.  My woman partner, Stephanie, and I won a couple of matches but did not medal.  However, my Mixed Doubles partner, Don, and I won a silver medal in our age bracket!  I played the best pickleball I have ever played and he and I meshed well as a team.  It was a lot of fun.

Casa Grande Silver Medal

I then played in a tournament at Desert Hot Springs.  I had new partners for this event.  Unfortunately, my Mixed Doubles partner, Gary, and I did not play well together.  However, my Women's Doubles partner, Linda, and I played well and won a silver medal in our age bracket.

Cat Spa Women's Doubles

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