Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

January, 2009

The new year started off with our annual New Year's Eve block party.  This year our neighbors, Ron and Mary Ellen, hosted the party.  Everyone had a great time.

New Years

Jim and Ron received permission from our resort to build a darkroom in one of the unused rooms at the clubhouse.  Construction is being done on our lot.

Darkroom construction

After the components are built, they are moved to the darkroom (a work still in progress).


Three coaches (Ron and Mary Ellen, Steve and Linda, and us) are going to Joshua Tree National park the first weekend in February for a photography workshop.  Jim and I scouted the park to see if our coaches would fit in any of the park's campsites.  They won't so we will be staying at a nearby RV park.  Joshua Tree has some really nice rocks.

Joshua Tree

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