Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

April, 2009

Five of us (Jim, Steve, Linda, Gary, Ron and me) went on a photography field trip.  Actually only the guys did photography; I snapped memories and Linda knitted.

Field Trip

Our first stop was the mudpots at the Salton sea.  These are fascinating bubbling pots of mud on the southern end of the San Andreas fault.  The bubbling is caused by escaping carbon dioxide and heat.


Some of the mudpots are active enough to form mud volcanoes.

Mud Volcano

From the mudpots we went to Salvation Mountain.  This is a structure that a 70 year-old guy has been building for 20 odd years with his messages of God.

Salvation Mountain

Jim volunteered at the week long Palm Springs Photo Festival.  As a volunteer, he was able to have a couple of his pictures reviewed.  The reviewers were quite complimentary about his work.  They suggested things for him to work on.

Palm Springs Photo Festival

I played a LOT of pickleball.  We had a pickleball "Fun Day".  I helped with the games.

Pickleball Fun Day

I played at a pickleball tournament at Desert Hot Springs.  My partner, Judy, and I won a silver medal on Saturday when we played in our age group.  We won a gold medal on Sunday when we played in our skill level group.

Cat Spa PB Tournament

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