Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

February, 2008

It was a rough month for Puppet.  In a single session under general anesthesia she had a tumor on her rear leg removed, a complete dental checkup which resulted in removal of a large rear molar, and two cysts removed from her back.  She looked like she had survived a war!  The good news is that she healed well and the tumor was benign.


Work continued on the awning for the lot.  Jim had the posts and cross beam fabricated.


Jim was able to set the posts set into place with help from Steve.  However, the beam and awning needed a lot of muscle power.  One morning, we had a good ole "barn raising" to get them mounted.
Barn raising

The wiring for the lights needs to be completed, the posts and beam painted (they have only had a primer coat done), and the awning needs to be thoroughly cleaned.  It looks good, though, and Jim's quite happy with his design.

As you can see from the above picture, our gazebo is gone.  We had a high gust of wind come through and rip the top off and bend two of the cross members.  We are anxiously waiting for stores to get in gazebos so that we can put another one up.

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