Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

January 2005

We had a LOT of rain in the valley the first part of January.  The desert cities are built along a wash (a natural water drainage that channels the water from the mountains and desert into the Salton Sea).  The wash crosses our area about a mile from our park.  This is a picture of the road near us where it crosses the wash (the road runs left to right across the picture).  The picture was taken by a friend of ours (Steve) over 24 hours after it stopped raining.


This is a picture of the same spot about 48 hours after the rain stopped.  As you can see, this road won't be opened anytime soon!


Before the rain started, Jim finished his project of putting down pavers at the front of the lot.  It turned out very well.


Just a pretty picture of the pond behind our lot at sunset.


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