Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

August 2005

We visited friends in Vancouver, Florence, and Sunriver. 

While in the Bend area, we went to Crater Lake.  It is something to see!
Crater Lake

We then went to Junction City to have the "SmarTire" system put on.  This system
monitors the tire pressure
and temperature for all six tires on the coach and the four tires on the 4Runner. 
It's a safety system that we have wanted since we first got the coach.
Smart Tire

We then headed back to the coast, staying at South Beach, Waldport, Neskowin, Chinook, and Ilwaco.
Here is a typical beach scene.
Oregon Beach

Sunset at the beach.

Oregon Beach Sunset

While on Long Beach, there was a huge kite festival.  We kept getting sidetracked watching the fishing boats
come in so didn't make it until the last day when most of the kites were gone.


We finally couldn't resist -- we kept watching the salmon charter boats coming in everyday and
finally had to go -- not once, but twice!

Sunrise Trip 1

Jim catching a large Chinook salmon.


Sunrise the second trip.

Sunrise Trip 2

Washington is one of the few states in the nation that grows cranberries.  We toured one of the cranberry bogs -- which isn't a bog until harvest time.


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