Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

June 2004

We visited Elkhart, IN.  There is a large population of Amish here.  Nearly half of all recreational vehicles are manufactured in this area.  We visited Damon, Monaco, and Travel Supreme (no, the below picture is not of the 2005 Monacos).


Niagara Falls was AWESOME!

Niagara Falls

We visited our Foretravel friends, Bob and Lois, on Bob's family farm just north of New York City.

Bob's Farm

I hope when reconstruction is completed, there is more to remember the horrors of 9/11 than there is now.  All rumble has been cleared and it just looks like another major construction site.


It was fun to see Times Square.

Times Square

The Statue of Liberty is just like you've seen in pictures.  A grand site!

Statue of Liberty

We went to the Broadway play, 42nd Street, a good, old-fashioned tap dancing and singing musical.

42nd Street

Orange County Choppers (you can catch them on the Discovery Channel) had a grand opening that we were able to go to.  They build spectacular motorcycles (choppers).

Orange County Choppers

We backtracked to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

Liberty Bell

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