Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

March 2003

We headed east on March 3. It was sort of a rocky start (figuratively and literally). Just outside of Yuma, a truck threw a huge rock into the driver side window. Luckily, the crack didn't run and we were able to get it patched. Then, the campground we had planned on staying in was full. From there, however, the trip has gone well. We stayed 5 days in Casa Grande visiting and playing golf with two Foretravel friends.

On our way to Nacogdoches, Tx. we stopped for two nights at City of Rocks, New Mexico. This is a strange area out in the middle of nowhere on a vast desert prairie. There is this small area strewn with huge boulders -- sort of like a disorganized Stonehenge.

From the City of Rocks, we were able to visit the Gila Cliff Dwellings just north of there. This is an ancient city built into the limestone cliffs.



Our main goal for this month was to go to the Foretravel factory in Nacogdoches, Tx. to decide on upgrades to the interior of the coach. We have never liked the southwest decor plus the couch is uncomfortable and now frayed. We decided on new window surrounds, a new couch done in ultraleather plus a matching recliner (hopefully comfortable since I won't be able to return it). Unfortunately, the material we chose to go around the windows clashed with the bedspread, dust ruffle, and headboard, so we will also be replacing those. Although we had wanted it, we weren't going to put tile in, but at the last minute decided to do that also. So we will put tile in the dining room/kitchen and bathroom.


Below is the "before" picture of the coach. Note the missing recliner!



Since the day we bought the coach, Jim has been unhappy with the decals on the exterior. They were not cared for and as a consequence were discolored and frayed. While we were at Foretravel, he found out that they are running out of the decals and since they are now painting all their coaches, they will not be getting more. Therefore, we are also going to get new decals on the exterior. To save some money, we are in the process of removing the old decals and preparing the surface (fixing rock chips, etc.). The majority of the decals came off amazingly (scarily) easily. We simply turned the side of the coach to the sun, let it heat up and then were able to simply peal them off. EXCEPT for a single blue decal that is on the front and back of the coach. This stripe is of a different material (thinner) and is well glued. It will take DAYS to remove this 18 or so feet of decal.

Coach with all the decals off except for the single problematic strip.


The work is scheduled to begin April 7 and continue to about April 25.

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