Living on the Road

with Jim and Gayle

February, 2001

We really enjoyed "Motorcade 101", another Foretravel event.  This was a small traveling event.  The people on it (except for one couple) had never been on a Foretravel motorcade (caravan) so it was a short introduction to motorcades.  We will go on another.

After the motorcade, we returned to Austin to again visit Jim's mother and sister.

We then spent another week in Tucson.  We really like that area.

While there, we toured an open pit copper mine.  It was really interesting.
Copper mine

Our next stop was Palm Springs, CA to visit one of the ladies I golf with.  We stayed in an "over-the-top" RV park.  In the middle of the desert, it was lush grass and flowers.
Outdoor Resort Cathedral City

We went up the "Tram" to the top of San Jacinto Mountain.
PS Tram

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