Living in a House

with Jim and Gayle

August, 2001

We are still trying to sell our house.  Until that sells, we are sort of in limbo as to our schedule.  I am still working.  Jim is really working on fixing up the motorhome.

We attended two Foretravel events this month.  The first was near Spokane.  It was what is know as a local area rally.  Again, we met a lot of really nice people.

NW Rally

The second rally we attended was in Sisters, OR.  It is was a national type event where Foretravel owners from all over the country attend.  It was being held just before another national rally for all types of motorhomes (we didn't attend this).  We met up with the Foretravel couple that we had met at "Life on Wheels".  We also met a very nice couple from Lousiana.

One of the events we went to was a dinner train where an old west scenerio was acted out.  It was a good time.

Dinner Train

Dinner Train

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