Living in a House

with Jim and Gayle

July, 2000

For the most part the summer has been pleasantly not too hot.  It's been mostly in the 80's with a few days near 100.  Very nice for being outdoors.   Gayle had good success with her two flower gardens this summer.  She thinks she may have gotten a bit carried away with seeds.

My sister, Lynne, and her son, John, flew from Denver to Seattle to visit our Mom. Jim and I went over for the weekend. While there, Jim was able to go to the NHRA Winston Cup drag car races at the Seattle International Raceway (SIR) near my Mom's.


We have both started working less than full-time in preparation for retiring in the fall. What happens then is still a mystery. Lots of things we would like to do -- just having difficulty getting the details figured out.   I guess we'll just have to be more like Puppet.

The most exciting thing that has happened was the big range fire in early July. Burned about 200,000 acres. It got close to some builings on the Hanford site and burned 10 homes near the outskirts of Benton City.  Here is a photo taken less than 2 miles from our house.

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