Living in a House

with Jim and Gayle

March, 1999

Spring keeps trying to sneak up on us.  I put fertilizer on the lawn today.  Hopefully, this year I can get ahead of the crabgrass.  Turned the sprinklers on - sure hope we don't get another cold snap.

Since Easter is on its way, Gayle put up an "Easter Tree".  Couldn't find any pussywillows, so had to settle for flowering plum (or some such tree).  Here's a photo.

We visited my Mom along with my sister, Lynne, her husband, Michael, and their son, John.
John, Gayle, Lynne, Michael, Mom

Jim was in Russia the first week of March.  Here are a couple of photos.  


The Russian Orthodox Church at Red Square

The Hotel in Obninsk

Think Spring!

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